Answer Medical Solutions joins the campaign for the Awareness of Breast Cancer and we exhort you to talk to your doctor about having a mammogram soon. EARLY DETECTION MEANS LIFE!!

October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to PR Breast Cancer Center, this type of cancer is the most frequent cause of death due to cancer by women in Puerto Rico.
The principal screening tool for breast cancer is the Mammogram, which basically consists of an x-ray picture of the breast. In some cases, the images obtained from a mammogram are not accurate enough to identify signs of abnormalities. Fortunately, Health Technologies provide physicians with other tools to make accurate diagnosis such as: Breast Ultrasounds, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Tomosynthesis (3D Breast Images) and Biopsies.

Our team in Answer Medical Solutions is committed to the well being of our people in Puerto Rico; and therefore we provide physicians with high end technological solutions to aid in the diagnosis of this disease.

We have acquired expertise in Women’s Healthcare IT solutions. Our unique PACS software allow us to fully integrate different types of diagnosis studies regardless modality vendors (MRI, MR CAD, Ultrasound, Tomosynthesis, CAD, Breast Density) as well as all prior studies, of all different modalities, in one workstation for the benefit of the radiologist. Our Mammography Information System solution integrates with the Reading Workstation so the physician can visualize the patient history and prior reports, and produces the necessary follow up communications in one single step.

We also have a Breast Density Measurement solution. This type of study is now a requisite in some US states. The data provided by this solution allows the physician to promptly order further studies, in those patients who have dense breast. 

In addition our CAD solution provides the physician with additional intelligence data that aids them detect other tendencies not seen in their visual analysis of the images.

Because we are committed in offering cutting edge technology to our country, we are always looking for more.  In our products we offer unique and revolutionary software technology: Sectra One Screen.  With a single, standard X-ray image of the hand, acquired on the mammography modality, it is possible to measure women’s bone health (Bone Mineral Density, BMD). The test calculates the risk for future fractures with the highest precision in the market-offering women the opportunity of a better quality of life.  In conjunction with your mammogram we guarantee a great screening profile in just one visit.

Our experience qualifies us to provide the necessary consulting, training and support to the physicians in the improvement of their workflows to give better service to their patients. In conclusion in Answer Medical Solutions we are in the cutting edge of the latest Healthcare IT for Breast Cancer diagnosis.    

Ask your Radiology Provider about our unique solutions!

For more information about Answer Medical Solutions and how our solutions can help to improve the patient care visit www.answermedicalsolutions.com
Northwest ImageShare is breaking new ground—as well as answering the call for greater availability of health information via health exchanges from National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Farzad Mostashari, MD, ScM. This successful and growing exchange focuses exclusively on imaging studies.

What's different is Northwest ImageShare includes a hospital and three physician groups that have put competition aside to share images on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington. It's working—quite well—and truly enabling better patient care. Is it something you should try, too?

Succeeded goals:
  • Includes a hospital and 3 competing physician groups – Adopted a single Cloud-Based PACS
  • Centralizing Image access
  • Reducing duplicative IT costs & imaging exams
  • Achieving economies of scale
  • Eliminating competitive boundaries
  • For physicians it is completely transparent, images are viewed anywhere, anytime

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand, April 30, 2013 – Answer Medical Solutions from San Juan and Matakina exhibited together at the SOCRAD 17th Annual Convention (Sociedad Radiológica de Puerto Rico) in Puerto Rico April 26-28, 2013. SOCRAD attracts imaging attendees from around the Caribbean region.

David Mezzoprete, VP US Sales for Matakina, described the booth as busy with many delegates interested in Volpara for objective breast density measurement. “Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth and they observe FDA and MQSA standards. All of the MDs that I met were trained in the US and were familiar with what is happening with breast density notification legislation in the US.”

Answer Medical Solutions signed a distributor agreement for Volpara breast imaging software in February 2013 and have recently announced another distributing agreement with Sectra.

For more information about Answer Medical Solutions, visit: answermedicalsolutions.com

International medical imaging IT company, Sectra (Link) (STO: SECT B) announces an exclusive agreement with Answer Medical Solutions to distribute its healthcare IT suite throughout Puerto Rico. The agreement includes Sectra’s RIS/PACS, radiation dose monitoring solution, online service for osteoporosis detection and the Sectra Visualization Table.

“This relationship will provide Sectra the ability to expand into the Puerto Rican market with a partner known for its high level of expertise and experience in medical imaging” says Mikael Anden, president of Sectra North America.

San Juan-based Answer Medical Solutions provides software to improve practice productivity and patient care for radiology, orthopaedics and cardiology. “Sectra delivers a complete integrated offering that extends beyond the radiology department. Providing our customers the opportunity to use these technologies will improve patient care in Puerto Rico” says Orlando Laza, president and general manager of Answer Medical Solutions.

About Answer Medical SolutionsWith its central headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Answer Medical Solutions was created to provide complete digital solutions uniquely customized for medical practices. The company's main services are sales, implementation and support with core competencies in software solutions and medical equipment needs. Answer Medical Solutions is well known for its knowledge and experience in digital solutions and for its second-to-none customer service. For more information, visit www.answermedicalsolutions.com

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2012 Press Releases12/19/2012- Press Release
Houston, TX

Digisonics Named Best in KLAS for Fifth Consecutive Year

Digisonics has received the Best in KLAS award in the Cardiology market segment for the fifth consecutive year, an unparalleled distinction.

KLAS, an independent healthcare research firm, conducts interviews with healthcare executives, managers and clinicians from thousands of facilities to monitor and evaluate the performance of healthcare IT software and services vendors.  The annual Best in KLAS Awards Report names the best vendors in each category based on customer ratings.  Vendor scores are compiled from customer evaluations in categories including implementation and training, functionality and upgrades, sales and contracting, and service and support. 

Digisonics has again maintained the highest overall score across all vendors in the Cardiology market segment of the 2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report.

“Expectations for a top Cardiology system are daunting.  Our users expect a combination of superior interfaces for smooth workflow between disparate systems together with structured, clinical reporting, administrative reporting, and/image management features matched to their site. Digisonics is exceptionally pleased to be recognized again as the best vendor in this challenging CVIS market,” said Digisonics President and CEO, Dr. Diana McSherry. “To have received this award for five straight years is a testament to Digisonics goals of smart solutions, close attention to customer needs, and nimble responses.”

Ginebra.- Dentro de dos décadas los casos de cáncer diagnosticados cada año serán unos 26 millones, el doble de los que se detectan actualmente en el mismo periodo, según las proyecciones que maneja la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS).

Esta alarmante tendencia contrasta con la posibilidad que existe de prevenir en al menos un tercio las muertes provocadas por esta enfermedad, que se elevan a 7.6 millones cada año, explicó el experto del Departamento de Enfermedades Crónicas de la OMS, Andreas Ulrich.

Las estadísticas que recopila la OMS confirman que dos de cada tres nuevos casos diagnosticados y de fallecimientos ocurren en países en desarrollo, donde la incidencia continúa aumentando a ritmos alarmantes.

Parte de la prevención pasa por adoptar estilos de vida más saludables y dejar de lado hábitos de riesgo como el tabaquismo, el consumo nocivo de alcohol y la obesidad, recordó el especialista con ocasión del Día Internacional del Cáncer, que se celebra el próximo lunes.

Los expertos coinciden en que el diagnóstico precoz es esencial para tratar con éxito el cáncer de mamá, cervical o de colon.

Sin embargo, la OMS señaló que más de la mitad de países del mundo tienen dificultades para prevenir y ofrecer tratamientos y cuidados a los pacientes de cáncer.

Muchos de ellos incluso carecen de planes funcionales de lucha contra el cáncer que incluyan la prevención, el diagnóstico precoz, el tratamiento y los cuidados posteriores.

"Además, menos del 50 por ciento de los países tiene un registro de cáncer en función de la población, fundamental para recoger información de alta calidad sobre el número y los tipos de cáncer existentes", indicó la OMS.

La incidencia de tipos de cáncer varía mucho entre hombres y mujeres y entre países industrializados y en desarrollo.

El 80 por ciento de los enfermos de cáncer de pulmón son hombres, debido al consumo de tabaco, un factor de riesgo que no es muy significativo entre las mujeres, para quienes el mayor peligro en algunas regiones del mundo tiene que ver con el uso de carbón para cocinar y la contaminación interior que su combustión genera.

El cáncer se origina en una célula y el proceso que convierte una lesión precancerosa en un tumor maligno resulta de la interacción entre los factores genéticos de una persona y una serie de agentes externos.

Esos agentes pueden ser cancerígenos físicos -como las radiaciones ultravioletas e ionizadas- o químicos, como asbesto, los componentes del humo del tabaco, la aflatoxina (contaminante de los alimentos) y el arsénico (contaminante del agua).

Asimismo, hay cancerígenos biológicos, como las infecciones causadas por ciertos virus, bacterias o parásitos.

El envejecimiento es otra causa del desarrollo de cáncer, cuya incidencia aumenta con la edad debido a la acumulación de factores de riesgo y a que a mayor edad los mecanismos de reparación celular del organismo son menos eficaces.

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